Javed Karder

Secretary, NBA


NBA provides its members with engaging path of networking and presentation relevant career skills rooted in a tradition of academic excellence and community service.

Our operation dedicates us to cultivating the whole news presenter- academically, mentally, and personally, so that our members can think critically and act conscientiously in the presentation world. NBA Members are known for being principled, reflective, and creative news-man who cares about the welfare of self & others.

It suggest a wide range of experiential opportunities that are designed to deepen member learning, broaden perspectives and provide valuable, real-world experience on media-broadcasting. Our dedicated experienced news-caster is committed to providing an environment where presenters can develop the skills, abilities and confidence necessary to achieve academic and personal success.

NBA has been nationally recognized and named to the Role Model for Community Service for the past several years. And, various types in nation demand- NBA as ranked number one, in the nation, which showcases the support and dedication our community provides also.

Together, engagement and knowledge create extraordinary possibilities for presenters in their life at presentation and beyond. I hope & believe that all news-casters will bond us on a journey that engages mind, body and spirit. We look forward to getting to know our NBA members- ‘lively & lovely Presenter’.