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About Us


News Broadcasters’ Association of Bangladesh (NBA) is the Bangladesh’s leading professional association for News Presenters. It serves its members through activities that boost their skills, through services that meet the changing needs of the international-standard communications & broadcasting profession, and through social activities that build a vital media community in Bangladesh.

NBA is the News Presenters’ association of Bangladeshi Private Radio and  Television Channels. NBA’s operation is to inspire improvement and excellence among presenters to better serve the viewers. Membership includes full-time/ part-time News Casters, various types of Presenters, Private Radio & TV Broadcasters, and who related to Casting News.

The News Broadcasters’ Association of Bangladesh (NBA) is composed largely of professional newscasters from around the whole media industry. Founded in 2011, NBA has more than 600 professionals NEWS-MAN whose principal business involves anchoring or casting news.

NBA also put together an annual conference named NBA GALA NIGHT focusing on the latest in presentation with up-to-date technology; arranges Yearly Training & Publication, organizes prestigious News Anchoring Awards and time-demanded Social Activities.
News Broadcasters’ Association of Bangladesh (NBA) is a non-profit organization, part of the all private radio, television and online media’s news presenters. It develops presentation skills and self confidence in a friendly and supportive way; as well as facilitate associate with proven techniques and positive support to build your confidence also.

In an increasingly online and digital media world more and more people are used to communicating by blog & vlog, email, text and social media, rather than face-to-face. Whether it is presenting to large or small groups, or even one to one, NBA can help presenters overcome anchoring related fears and start to enjoy news presentation. Plus members’ can meet a great range of fellow colleagues, and have the chance to develop news appearance related management and leadership skills too.

NBA provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which affiliates are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth in news-production part. Besides, it help you to acquire the necessary talents for effectively presenting news in television and radio and hosting a wide range of programs, as well as reporting in electronic media.

News Presenters learn about pronunciation & articulation styles and language, writing for broadcast, interviewing, presentation and reporting methods through NBA arrangements. Its’ Meetings & Group Discussions are held in our own fully equipped studio that familiarizes news-casters with the professional working environment.