Terms and Conditions – NBA Bangladesh

Terms and Conditions

a) Membership of NBA is open to all “working broadcasters” who are designated as News presenter, news caster etc.

    • This also includes reporters, editors, desk editors, newsroom editors, news producers, newsroom researchers who also work as news presenters. News presenters and news based program anchors are eligible to achieve membership according to NBA’s set rules, terms and conditions. They must agree with NBA’s aims as set out in twelve points in section 4 of this constitution.
    • Presenters who have presented news in any private television channel or radio station for a period of time but not working as presenter now are also eligible for membership.
    • NBA reserves the right to determine who qualifies for membership. Application for membership can be allowed by the executive committee, but if refused, the applicant may appeal to ‘General Assembly’ for a final decision.

b) Application for membership of the Association will have to be made in prescribed form duly filled accompanied with all required documents and the payment of the requisite admission fees and annual subscription in force at the time.

c) The EC will examine the document as per membership criteria in force at the time.

d) The criteria for membership will be decided and may be amended from time to time by the Executive Committee of the Association;

e) The number of Members of the Association will be unlimited.

f) Fees for membership are as under:

(i) Admission fee: Tk. 1000/- (Taka one thousand only) payable at the time of admission.

(ii) Annual subscription: Tk. 1000/- (Taka one thousand only) payable annually, initially along with admission fee at the time of applying for membership and thereafter for each subsequent year, by 31st March of that year.

g) Admission fee and annual subscription once paid shall not be refunded.

h) The amount of admission fee and annual subscription may be changed from time to time by the Executive Committee.

i) Association may accept any amount of contribution, subscription or donation in either cash or kind, from organizations, corporate bodies or individuals.

Cessation of Membership

a) Membership of the Association shall be shall be suspended temporarily & even terminated:

    • If a Member resigns.
    • Upon a decision of the Executive Committee for non-payment of membership fees or other dues to the Association.
    • For misconduct (either personal, professional, social ), fraud and/or for activities contrary to the interest of the Association as may be determined by EC, declared insolvent and/or criminal conviction by a Court having jurisdiction over such matters.

b)  A Member who resigns from the Association shall have to serve 30 days notice to the President in writing. However, such resignation will not release the Member from payment of its outstanding dues to the Association.

c) A suspended Member may be readmitted if the EC so decides. A Member who lost membership due to non-payment of dues may be readmitted into the Association upon payment of dues at the time of termination.